Increasing Sewing Capacity with New Hire

Fieldtex Products Inc has hired a new Industrial designer for its prototyping department to deal with increased demand.

Rochester, NY- Fieldtex Products Inc. has seen an increase in requests for prototypes through the first 9 months of 2015 that has created the need to hire an additional industrial designer in an effort to speed up the prototyping process. The company has been working with many new companies that manufacture portable equipment in America and are looking to have their carrying cases or other sewn parts made domestically.

Fieldtex has built its business and its reputation on fulfilling that need for companies for over 40 years.

With an additional designer, the company will not only be able to complete the increased backlog of design work quickly but they will also allow the prototyping department to spend more time developing design and manufacturing processes for the future. At only a nominal fee of around $75 to $125 per project for prototyping, the company wants to keep prototyping affordable, so that customers can quickly and easily get their products to production. The focus is on getting products to the manufacturing phase as quickly as possible so then they can be delivered to the customer.

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More information about Fieldtex Products Inc.:
Fieldtex Products Inc. was founded in Rochester, NY in 1973. Over the past 38 years, Fieldtex has continuously grown and evolved into the strong company that it is today. “At Fieldtex, we are continually improving our level of service to our customers,” said Sanford Abbey, President and Owner of Fieldtex Products, Inc. And their hard work and success hasn’t gone unnoticed- in 2010 they were named one of the 5,000 fastest growing companies in America by Inc. Magazine! Fieldtex Cases produces soft sided carrying cases to house portable electronic equipment for medical and military markets while Fieldtex Medical is a supplier of first-aid and medical supplies.

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