Now Manufacturing Heavy Equipment Backpacks

Rochester, NY (June 2014) – Backpacks are used everywhere, from students catching the bus to backcountry travel and the military. There are thousands of different types and styles available, but many are only made to carry small loads such as books or a small laptop. But what if you need to carry something that is heavier or bulky and hard to pack?

This is a problem that the military encounters all the time, especially with heavy duty radio and communication equipment. This equipment can weigh up to 100 pounds and is ridged and bulky so it needs to be held close to the body as well as centered on the back. These backpacks can be made with a frame system to help support the weight of the equipment better without hurting the back. The military has done extensive research into different designs for backpacks and soldier equipment that are optimal for carrying everything that a soldier needs. Industrial backpacks help soldiers to be more effective since they can carry more equipment without fatigue or injury. This new focus on the proper systems to carry heavy equipment has helped to save pain and suffering for soldiers throughout their lives as well as millions of dollars in workers compensation and medical bills.

Fieldtex Products Inc has been custom designing military and industrial backpacks for 40 years in their Rochester NY Facility. Fieldtex uses their in-house design team to create backpacks that are specific to each piece of equipment. This allows for optimal weight distribution and balance. Fieldtex makes all their backpacks in the USA and they are Berry Amendment compliant.

“We are really happy to be able to help our soldiers do their jobs a little easier around the world” said Kim Forcey, sales representative for Fieldtex. “We take pride in providing the quality equipment that can stand up to whatever they can throw at it.” With over 100 sewing machines, Fieldtex can produce up to 20 projects at the same time, from EMS bags to medical garments, but many of their items are in camouflage and olive drab. “The military market is the one that launched us into specialized backpacks and we have learned exactly what soldiers are looking for in their equipment” says Forcey.

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