Developing Our Military Manufacturing

Fieldtex Products has increased its focus on being a small business subcontractor for prime vendors to the government.

Rochester NY – Fieldtex Products is working on refining its strategy for the government/military market, by promoting its strengths as a domestic sewing contractor that can make everything from backpacks and holsters to the more complicated bullet proof vests. As a domestic industrial sewing contractor, Fieldtex can make a lot of textile-based products that a prime vendor will need as part of their government contracts. Most customers come to Fieldtex with specific design requirements as a part of a larger project; usually this is a carrying case or holster for sensitive equipment that must be made in the USA. Under the Berry Amendment, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that are selling to the US government need to source their products in America whenever possible.

While Fieldtex Products is classified as a small business by the government, it has 200 employees and four production lines that give it the scale to produce large production runs on a short lead time when necessary. Currently the US government sets aside 23 percent of government contracts for small businesses and in 2013, they awarded $83.2 billion to small businesses in the form of contracts and orders. Also, small business sub-contracting is mandated at 35.9% of spending of the federal budget. These both present tremendous opportunities for businesses like Fieldtex and the company is striving to produce more NSN and SIC coded products for government contracts and as a sub-contractor to prime contractors. With a huge need for goods supplied by small businesses, and especially sewn products, Fieldtex is increasing their production capabilities to fulfill this demand.

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